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6. Shanghai International Wine Challenge (SIWC 2011) Awards

Der Shanghai International Wine Challenge 2011 (SIWC) Awards, ist in China der führende unabhängige und somit einflussreichsten Wein-Wettbewerb

The 6th Shanghai International Wine Challenge
In recent years, wine consumption increased at an amazing rate in this 1.3 billion people huge market - China. Indicating that consumers have great interest in drinking wine. The local production volume has been unable to fulfill the own's demand. Almost all wine-producing countries were eyeing on China wine market. SIWC provides an excellent platform to help your brand outstanding and become one of the choice of China's wine lovers.
SIWC 2011 is the only wine competition that fully supported by the Government Organization, and will become the most influence wine challenge in China.

SIWC held annually since 2006. Wine connoisseurs blind tasting the wine samples and mark with the international standard. Ensure to present a directory with a fair and neutral, equitable and open process to all China’s wine lovers.

SIWC Awarded Wine Road Show
This is a continuation event of SIWC2011. Aim to provide a platform to present and promote the awarded wine recognized by the wine connoisseurs.
This event includes wine and food. Merchants can promote your products to the consumers directly and can obtain more market information. Visitors can taste the wine and food from all over the world and prepare gifts for Mid-Autumn Festival and China National Day.

Supervised by
~Shanghai Composite Bonded Area Administrative Committee
~Shanghai Pudong Alcohol Monopoly Bureau

~CCPIT Shanghai Pudong Sub-Council
~Shanghai Waigaoqiao International Trade Operating Center Co. Ltd.
~Waigaoqiao International Exhibition & Trading Center of Wine & Beverage

Rules for Entry


Forms should arrive at SIWC Committee office before Wednesday 10th August, 2011.
Sample wines should arrive at SIWC official warehouse between Monday 1st August and Thursday 18th August, 2011. Late arrival samples will charge the extra fee as 20 euro per bottle.


Select the wines you wish to enter into the SIWC.
Complete the entry forms, wine category sheet and return the entry form by fax to +86-21- 3126 3592, / email siwc (at) / post: Room 908, No.45-49 East Huaihai Road, Shanghai 200021 China.
Full payment must be received with the entry form to confirm participation.


    All wines must be labeled to show the name of the region and the geographical area of origin of the wine, in addition to the year in which the grapes used were harvested. Non-vintage wines may be given an award only if the previous point is adhered to, but in this case, no award stickers may be attached to the wine’s container unless the wine is of recognized VQPRD (or its equivalent) standard or above.
    The wine must be made 100% from grapes grown in the country in which the wine is bottled, with the exception of those cases of cross regional and inter-national blends recognized by the appropriate nations.


    The entry fee is EURO 100 on each specification wine.
    Entrants may submit as many wines as they wish.
    Payment for the entry fee must be by telegraphic transfer. Entries will not be accepted without payment in full.
    The entry fees include participation in the Challenge, certificates and information listing on the SIWC 2011 Awards Directory for participants’ winning wines.


    Three bottles (750ml/bottle) of wine must be submitted for every entry - two bottles for tasting and one spare to allow for an out of condition sample, breakages, corkage, etc.


    Each bottle must stick with the small note as: Sample Only, Not For Sale. And the outside of the cases must mark as: SIWC 2011.
    If you have a local distributor/agent, you may to arrange with them to deliver the wines to us. Please indicate your local Chinese agent on the entry form.

Consignee Information:
Shanghai Waigaoqiao Modern Service Trade Development Co., Ltd.
Add : No. 460, Fute Rd (N), Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, 200131 China
Tel: +86-21-5868 0888   Fax: +86-21-5868 2706

Note: The freight and delivery costs must pre-paid by the submitter. Failure to pay these fees will result in your wines not being entered. Entrants are entirely responsible for the arrival of their wines in time for the Challenge.


    Stickers of the SIWC logo, medals and trophies are available to Award winners. Any unauthorized use, reproduction or alteration of the logo, trophies and medals is strict prohibited.


    Please note that the judges may, at their discretion, not award trophies in certain categories or they may create trophies in recognition of outstanding wines.

    Every wine submitted is organized and numbered by the organizer.
- All bottles of wine are covered with opaque bags.
- Wines are poured to ensure similar wines are tasted together.
- Translated to the classic 100-point scale used by most wine industry publications, any wine with a score of 83 points or better will make it to the Medal Category.
- The average score given by the board determines the color of the medal awarded to each wine.
- If two or more board members decide a wine does not deserve a medal, the wine is eliminated.

Translation of Medal Category into the 100-point scale
* Bronze: 83-86 points.
* Silver: 87-90 points.
* Gold: 91+ points.


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Die Wine Awards werden weltweit Weinkonsumenten, Wein-Fachleute und Weinproduzenten zusammenbringen; unabhängig von den nationalen Prüfungsgremien.
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